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The Deam company was founded in 2018 so it is a newcomer on the clothing market in Poland and in the word. However, competition is scary for us. We quarantee the quality of clothing reflected in reality, secure payment, fast and professional delivery and a unique packaging. The company's leading idea is a women who is elegant and at the same time sensual, dressed in good quality clothing at an affordable price. The products offered in the store are mostly made in Poland and come from Polish producers. This market currently occupies an unusually high position in the European rankings. Deam means goddess, this name is not accidental, we want every women who has contact with our company to feel this way.

Magdalena Bryl

ul. Mlodych 8/6

62-700 Turek



Regon: 380251740

Phone number: 0048 699 798 284


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